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Home eBooks Orthodox religion > Tarso - The Fool in Christ (e-book epub)

Tarso - The Fool in Christ (e-book epub)

Tarso - The Fool in Christ (e-book epub)

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Publication date: 02 2012
ISBN: 9789604950300
Size: 17x24
Pages: 244
Product type: EBOOK - epub
Product Code: 2346
Availability: IN STOCK
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EBOOK - pdf €9,06
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Encryption: Adobe Encryption (DRM)
File size: 26 MB
Reading: Επιτρέπεται η ανάγνωση.
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Short description
Everybody thought she was a sick and mad woman and not only that! Her words were never in vain. Yet, her speech needed interpretation. You would ask her one thing and she would answer another - making you think that her answer was irrelevant. However, this was the real answer to what she was asked and also to what she perceived from the past, the present and even the future...
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Table of contents>>  
Preface of the second edition 11
Preface of the first edition 13
1. A part of the ascetic desert in the Attic land 23
2. Tarso, the Fool in Christ 29
3. The synaxarion of blessed Tarso 39

1. Her Life 41
2. Her Ecclesiastic and Mystical Life 58
3. The Last Events of her Earthly Life. Her Repose 75
4. After her Repose and before her Burial 82
5. The Death of Tarso's Cell 84
6. The Fragrance of Tarso's Relics 87
7. Among the Saints 92
4. The meaning of being a fool in Christ 97
5. Blessed Tarso's ascetic character 121
6. The spiritual image of the foolishness in Christ of blessed Tarso 147
7. The crossresurrectional life of blessed Tarso in her baptismal outset 159
8. Blessed Tarso's special gifts 167

1. The view of the garden of Paradise in God's Kingdom 169
2. The gifts of insight and foresight 177
3. The therapeutic healing 201
4. Miraculous events in Tarso's charismatic life 207
9. Blessed Tarso, the apostle of evangelic foolishness! 217

Photographic index 231
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