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In Search of the Truth

In Search of the Truth

€10,09  €9,08 (-10,00%)
Earned points: 1
Publication date:  2009
ISBN: 0966700066
Size: 14x21
Pages: 260
Product type: BOOK
Publisher: Ι.Μ.ΜΑΧΑΙΡΑ
Product Code: 34084
Cover type: PAPERBACK
Availability: IN STOCK
Short description
Το βιβλίο "Αναζητώντας την αλήθεια", που ξεσκεπάζει τις πλάνες των "μαρτύρων του Ιεχωβά" , μεταφερμένο στην αγγλική γλώσσα
Table of contents>>  
Foreword. xi
Introduction xiii
1. Carriers of a new religion 3
Growing up in the Society 6
2. Flirting with the Spider 15
The Religious Instructor 18
Touching the Web 25
3. Preaching in Class 31
4. In the Nest of the Spider 35
Increasing contact 39
The First Problems 42
5. Luring Others to the Web 49
6. Tied on the Web 57
7. Life as a Baptized Witness 63
Foretaste of Injustice 67
Marriage Proposal 74
Preparing for Jail 76
At the Disciplinary Ward 80
At the Military Prison of Avlonas 82
At Cassandra 90
My Life After Jail 94
Working the Streets 97
The First Doubts 103
8. Persecution by the Society 113
9. Exodus 127
The turning point 131
The beginning of the end 138
Increasing the distance 145
My Crisis of Conscience 149
The Letter 154
Visiting a Foreign Denomination 157
The District Convention 162
Inquisition 166
Mr. Theoharakis 174
Considering Whether to Discuss the Dogma 176
Finally, Discussing the Dogma! 180
Committee from Bethel 183
Using the Final Opportunity 189
Disfellowshipped 192
10. Progressing Toward the Truth 201
11. Creating a new church 205
12. Searching for the Church 211
Leading others to the Historical Church 215
13. Leaving even this Congregation 217
Getting used to the new Environment 227
14. In the land of the "passion-fruit eaters" 239
15. Problems and dangers 255
Small Glossary C
Bibliography Μ
Index Q
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