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Αρχική Θεολογία Ξενόγλωσσα Αγγλικά > Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters

Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters

Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters

€13,00  €11,70 (-10,00%)
Πόντοι που κερδίζετε: 1
Χρονολογία έκδοσης:  2002
ISBN: 16086
Σελίδες: 216
Κατηγορία είδους: ΒΙΒΛΙΟ
Κωδικός βιβλίου: 16086
Διαθεσιμότητα: ΔΙΑΘΕΣΙΜΟ
Note of Introduction 11
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of
the Holy Spirit 15
Father Tychon 25
Elder Evlogios (the Disciple of Hadji-Georgis) 55
Elder Pachomios (the Disciple of Elder Evlogios
and Grandson of Hadji-Georgis) 58
Father Seraphim, the Anchorite of Athos 59
The Unknown Anchorite (Probably One of the
Anchorites of Athos Who Live Invisibly) 61
Hieromonk Anthimos, the Fool for Christ 63
The Prodigious Father Daniel 72
Elder Cosmas of the Monastery of Pantocrator
(the Wine-Grower) 74
Father Philaret, the Abbot of the Holy Monastery
of Constamonitou 80
Elder Peter (Petrakis) 83
Elder Augustine 93
Father George, the Anchorite 101
Elder Philaret 105
Elder Ephraim, the "Wretch" 109
Elder Constantine, the Fool for Christ 111
Father Savvas of the Monastery of Esphigmenou 116
Elder Tryphon 117
Father Cyril, the Ascetic of the Skete of Coutlou-
mousiou Monastery and Later Abbot of the
Same Monastery 123
The Hicromonk... Who Was Tormented by the
Tempter Because of a Prideful Thought 127
The Unprepared Clergy Who Were Prevented by
God and Did Not Celebrate the Divine Liturgy 128
Elder Habakkuk 129
The Two Pretend Monks Who Became Deluded 131
The Strong-Willed Disciple 133
The Devout and Obedient Disciple 134
The Strong-Willed and Negligent Beginner Monk 135
The Negligent Young Monk 136
The Negligent Elderly Monk 137
An Angel Castigates the Idiorrhythmic Monastery
of Xeropotamou 138
The Brother Who Was Saved Without Effort Be
cause He Didn't Judge 138
Foreknowledge of the Death of Father Methodios
and Father Joachim 140
The Disciple Who Was Not Obedient to His Elder
and Was Saved, Because He Hoped in God 141
The Chanter Who Attended a Feast with a Broth
er Who Had Been Dead for Six Months 143
Our Most Holy Lady Anoints a Devout Beginner 144
A Young Monk with Strong Faith and Philotimo
Is Cured by Christ 145
Illnesses Are Beneficial and Rewarded in Heaven,
When We Patiently Endure Them 146
The Assigned Monk Who Complained 147
The Careless Talk of a Simple Monk Who Re
ceived Corrective Punishment from God 148
Our Most Holy Lady Protects and Watches Over
the Monks in Her Garden Like a Good Mother 150
The Righteous Martyr Damianos Cures a Young
Monk 150
The Value of the Monk 151
The Power of the Monk's Prayer 152
The Power of the Komboskini, of the Jesus Prayer 153
The Power of the Jesus Prayer 154
The Jesus Prayer with Labour 154
The Monk's Spiritual Unhappiness Comes from
Worldly Convenience 355
Secular Logic Brings Spiritual Ruin 156
Quietude and Freedom from Wordly Care Are the Most Important
Prerequisites for Spiritual Life,in Which our Most Holy Lady Rejoices 156
Monks Must Be a Good Example for the Laity 157
Saint George Caters for His Feast 158
Saint Spyridon Caters for the Feast 159
God's Blessing Comes When We Give a Blessing 160
The Providence of the "Sweetly-Kissing" Mother
of God Towards the Holy Monastery of Phi-
Lotheou 162
The Callous Monk Who Became Deluded, Because
His Ascesis Was Sterile, Without Love and Discretion 165
The Monk Who Was Saved from Dreadful Delusion 168
Pleasant Events 171
Angel of the Eighth Age 176
The Return to God from Earth to Heaven 178
Maps 206
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1Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters - ΓΕΡΩΝ ΠΑΙΣΙΟΣ Ο ΑΓΙΟΡΕΙΤΗΣ
€13,00 €11,70